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It is a two year full time post graduate course offered in department of Veterinary Biotechnology, College of Veterinary Science, Rajendranagar The students  enrolled in this course have to complete course work comprising of35 credits and Research work comprising of 20 credits and submit the thesis on his research which will be evaluated by an external examiner. The courses cover various aspects of Cell biology, Molecular biology, Immunology, Animal Genomics and Reproductive Biotechnology, cell culture etc. The candidates completing this course are suitable for various positions in Pharma, Biological and Feed industries apart from various positions in ICAR, SAUs, and other Research Institutes. BVSc & AH is a prerequisite for MVSc. Selection is based on the Academic record of BVSc (50%) plus marks obtained in the entrance test conducted by the University (50%).  The details of course and academic rules can be viewed in the link provided

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